Powered Paragliding Tandem Flights

Hook into the harness of a powered paraglider, for a tandem flight with one of the top pilots in North America. Prepare to explore Indio and the Coachella Valley from the sky.  While enjoying your flight in a powered paraglider you'll get a "birds eye" view of your favorite golf courses, Mt. San Jacinto, Joshua Tree, Thousand Palms Oasis, the Salton Sea, the San Andreas Fault and 100's of other sites and attractions.  Tour the area from the sky and have the option to fly the glider, discover new sites and see what you want to see. Whether you fly 10' over the desert floor or 10,000' over Southern California, we give you the options balloons or hummers can't.  Take a tour from above and fall in love with the desert from the sky!

Tandem Flight Packages Include:

  • Basic flight training and communications training.
  • Flight instruction on launching and landing.
  • Several flight packages which can last from 10 - 75 minutes.
  • The ability to fly and control the paraglider once airborne and clear of obstacles or dangers.
  • Explore national parks, golf courses, oasis, cultural areas and places that the general public would never see.
  • In flight photo or videos.
  • Basic powered paragliding certificate.
powered paraglider tandem flight
Powered paragliding tandem.


What to Expect:

Show up at the Terra Lago Golf Resort and meet your powered paragliding pilot.  After meeting the pilot you'll need to complete about 10 minutes worth of paperwork, which includes written waivers and a video waiver.  Next, you'll get fitted to your flight equipment.  About 10 minutes of training on the communications sets, launching procedures, flying techniques, and landing protocols, will follow. Finally, take to the sky, on a tandem flight that will last from 10 - 75 minutes depending on the flight package you choose.


Terra Lago Flight

The Terra Lago flight is for the enthusiast visiting the Golf Club at Terra Lago.  This 15-minute flight takes you around the 2 golf courses and resort area.  You  can book the Terra Lago flight package here!


Explore Indio

The Explore Indio flight is a perfect package for the person that wants to see the entire Coachella Valley.  This 25-minute flight takes you around the golf courses, the Coachella Valley, the San Andreas fault line and desert areas.  Book the Explore Indio flight package here!


The Desert flight is perfect for the person wanting to really explore their surroundings and get a feel for powered paragliding.  This 50-minute flight takes you around Indio the Coachella Valley, Salton Sea, and Palm Desert.  Click here to book the Desert flight package.

Desert and Altitude

Desert and Altitude flight is perfect for the person who wants to get the ultimate in air time and flying experiences. This 75-minute flight takes you over the Coachella Valley, Salton Sea, Palm Desert and either Palm Springs or Joshua Tree.  Click here to schedule the Desert and Altitude flight package.


Explore the sky with your loved one, take to the sky together.  Two couples packages are available.  The Explore Indio package, which includes a 25-minute flight for both couples or the Desert package, which includes a 50-minute flight.  Click here to schedule a Couples flight.

Powered Paraglider Lessons

Did you have fun on the tandem flight?  Would you like to fly a powered paraglider by yourself?  Then learn how to fly a powered paraglider from the #1 training facility in Southern California.  Click here to learn more about the flight school.