Flight Packages

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flight packages terra lago

Terra Lago

The Terra Lago flight is for the enthusiast visiting the Golf Club at Terra Lago.  This 15-minute flight takes you around the 2 golf courses and resort area.  See all 36 holes from the sky.  Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the bird's eye view before playing a round on either of the two courses.  Resort visitors will appreciate seeing all the amenities offered at Terra Lago and the surrounding areas from the sky.  Climb up to 1000' feet or more and appreciate the breath-taking views of the surrounding desert.

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Explore Indio

The Explore Indio flight is a perfect package for the person that wants to see the entire Coachella Valley.  This 25-minute flight takes you around the golf courses, the Coachella Valley, the San Andreas fault line and desert areas.  This package is perfect for people looking to get a better experience in the air with longer flight times.  If the conditions are right, the pilot may even hand the controls to you and let you fly for a few minutes.  Climb up to 2000' and get a bird's eye view of the surrounding desert areas.

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Flight packages exploring Indio


The Desert flight is perfect for the person wanting to really explore their surroundings and get a feel for powered paragliding.  This 50-minute flight takes you around Indio the Coachella Valley, Salton Sea, and Palm Desert.  People interested in learning to fly will love this package as it gives you plenty of airtime with the instructor and the possibility to fly the powered paraglider if the conditions are smooth.  The flight pilot will take you as high as 3000' during the flight, so bring a light jacket because it might be cooler in the sky than on the ground.

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Desert and Altitude

Desert and Altitude flight is perfect for the person who wants to get the ultimate in air time and flying experiences. This 75-minute flight takes you over the Coachella Valley, Salton Sea, Palm Desert and either Palm Springs or Joshua Tree. The instructor may take you as high as 6000' (over a mile above the ground).  People interested in pursuing powered paragliding lessons will love this flight as you get plenty of time in the air to experience and learn about flying.  Do bring a jacket, because it may be up to 30 degrees cooler at altitude.

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Explore the sky with your loved one and go for a flight together.  No not in the same powered paraglider, but at the same time with two experienced powered paragliding instructors.  Using radio comms, you can even chat with your honey in the sky.  The couple's tour is only available for 25-minute or 50-minute time slots.

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Learn to Fly

Learn to fly a Powered Paraglider

Did you have fun on the tandem flight?  Would you like to fly a powered paraglider by yourself? Then learn how to fly a powered paraglider from the #1 training facility in Southern California.  Learn from some of the best powered and non-powered paragliding pilots in North America and enjoy the freedom of flight.  The Air California Adventures training program will provide you the with the skills, knowledge, and theory to fly a powered paraglider from your back yard.

Powered Paragliding (Paramotoring) is the newest and latest development in ultralight foot-launched aviation. The entire aircraft fits in the trunk of your car and weighs less than 60lbs.  This exhilarating form of aviation is easy to learn, requires minimal training, provides incredible experiences that are impossible to have without a paramotor and costs much less than other aircraft.  

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