Powered Paragliding Flight School


Powered paragliding is the simplest form of aviation and a dream come true.  Paramotors are inexpensive, easy to learn, and more convenient than an airplane.  Also, they don’t require a runway or expensive maintenance.  Powered Paragliding does, however, require good training, understanding of the aircraft, weather knowledge, reliable equipment, and the right attitude.  Air California Adventure has created a detailed training curriculum, to ensure success in our flight school.

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    Getting airborne for the first time


The AirCal Flight School

The flight training takes approximately 8-10 days to complete.  Most students start flying by the 2nd or 3rd day of lessons.  The training is fun and your day is split between theory, ground practice, and flight demonstrations.  The training concludes when you have demonstrated proficiency in basic and intermediate flight skills.  In addition to a great education, you’ll also receive the PPG 1 and PPG 2 flight certifications.

The United States Powered Paragliding Association (U.S.P.P.A.) has stringent certification requirements for the PPG 1 & 2 certifications, and as a result, the AirCal training syllabus includes;

  • The theory includes; aerodynamics, meteorology, rules & regulations, equipment maintenance, flight plans, and risk management.
  • The practical ground skills include; ground handling, forward & reverse launching, adverse launch or landing conditions, and landings.
  • The flight skills include; foot launch, tow launch, turning, flight maneuvers, emergency procedures, power on/off landings, cross-country flights, and more.

In addition to the excellent flight instruction you’ll receive, our instructors will personally guide you through the training, into the exciting world of powered paragliding.  We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced powered training, and certifications from the USPPA.  Learn from the best and become an exceptional pilot with or without a motor and have a lot of fun in the process!

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