PPG 1 & PPG 2 Training

Your first flight during PPG training

Welcome to Air California Adventure and the powered paragliding (PPG) school. You are the next generation of “baby birds” that we will be nurturing and pushing upwards towards the sky.

Beginner Certification (PPG 1)

The PPG 1 certification program introduces you to the joys of paramotoring. The program requires 3-4 full days of training and once completed, you will receive the USPPA PPG 1 (Beginner) certification. Your training includes classroom theory,  simulator work, ground practice, and 5-8 supervised solo flights.

Intermediate Certification (PPG 2)

The PPG 2 program builds upon the fundamentals introduced in the PPG 1 program. It also provides more knowledge and the flight skills that you need to be competent.  The program requires 5-7 additional days of training.  The curriculum includes:

  1. The theory includes; aerodynamics, meteorology, rules & regulations, equipment maintenance, flight plans, and risk management.
  2. The practical ground skills include; advanced ground handling, forward & reverse launching, adverse launch or landing conditions, and landings.
  3. The flight skills include; foot launch, tow launch, turning, flight maneuvers, emergency procedures, power on/off landings, cross-country flights, 25-35 additional flights, and hours of airtime under instructor supervision.

You will receive your USPPA PPG 2 (Intermediate) certification upon completion of the course. Flights are conducted from the Terra Lago Resort but also several other flying sites.  The other flying sites offer diverse weather conditions, and topographical features; such as, mountain, desert, alpine,  and maybe the coast.

PPG1+PPG2 Combo Certification

Most students who sign up AirCal opt for the PPG 1+PPG 2 combo package. This is the most popular package because of the price discount and because a PPG 2 rating is required for unsupervised solo flight.  AirCal maintains higher standards for our students than the US Association.  As such, we will provide higher level instruction on the final days of class.

Don’t be fooled by schools that offer solo flights on day 1 or certifications in 2-days .  New pilots should take their time during instruction and strive for more than the minimum set of skills.

AirCal focuses on the fundamentals and spends more time with you on the basics.  This gives you advantages in the long run and a more enjoyable experience overall.   We’ll hold you to the same high standards that have produced several National and World Champions.

The PPG 1+PPG 2 package includes usage of student gear, a radio, chest harness, flight logbook, and the Powered Paragliding Bible,  The combined package takes most students 7-10 days to complete.