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Are you trying to find a gift for someone special?  Do you want to give the best present ever?  Give the gift of flight. Perhaps the most memorable present you’ve ever given.  A gift certificate from Air California Adventure will definitely bring a smile to the face of the recipient.

Powered Paragliding Tandem Flights

Tandem powered paragliding flights may be the most exciting activity in the Coachella Valley.  Air California Adventure has teamed up with the Terra Lago Golf Resort in Indio, to offer tandem instructional flights from a gorgeous location.  AirCal offers several different tandem options to fit every budget and level of interest.  Your pilot is a certified tandem instructor, professional, experienced, and ready to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.



Give the gift of flight! A gift certificate can be purchased for:

  • powered paragliding (paramotor) tandems
  • powered paragliding couples flights
  • training and lesson packages to learn how to fly on your own
  • products in the web store
  • advanced training clinics and workshops

Please read our Gift Certificate Terms & Conditions here!

  • Schedule your time
    Awesome flight with two.

Booking a Tandem Flight is simple – here’s how it works!

Purchase the Gift Cert online – this can be done online through our website.  You can purchase the gift cert from this page or from the flight bookings page which is on the top navigation bar.  Once you’ve completed the purchase, a printed receipt and gift certificate will display.  Although it’s not critical to print the receipt it’s not bad to save it.  The certificate can be emailed or printed for the lucky recipient.

Give the Gift of Flight –  Give the gift cert to the lucky recipient.  Make sure you have a camera so that you can capture the look of surprise, perhaps a bit of anxiety, and lots of excitement.

Book your Flight online – Get back to our website and visit this page,  Enter the coupon / gift certificate code at the top of the web form and it will automatically redirect you to a scheduling page.  The scheduling page shows all the appointment times we have available and you can choose any that you like.  Please try and book at least 48 hours in advance. The last few questions on the form ask for the normal stuff, names, email, phone number, etc.  The form also asks how tall the passenger will be and how much they weigh.  This is important information for the pilot as he must choose his equipment before you arrive.

Time to fly – 24 hours before your flight time, you will receive an email reminder of the flight appointment.  If you need to reschedule please do that the day before.  Show up to the Golf Resort about 15 minutes before your scheduled launch time.  Bring warmer clothes in the winter and cooler clothes in the summer.  Bring some water, sunscreen, sunglasses, tennis shoes and your best attitude.

Paperwork – Before you can go on the flight, you have paperwork to complete.  There’s a lot it’s going to take 10-15 minutes to complete all the waivers and video waivers.  Once you’re done, it’s time to fly.

Instruction – The instructor will give 10-15 minutes of preflight instruction and training before the flight.  The pilot and passenger have to work together to safely launch a paramotor, so it’s important you pay attention.  But don’t worry, the instructor will make sure you have the skills and knowledge necessary to be a “great student pilot.”

Fly – You’ll enjoy an incredible flight, depending on which package you purchased the flight will last from 15-75 minutes.  During the flight, you’ll have the opportunity to tour the Coachella Valley by air.  There are 100’s of sites to see and you can go in whichever direction you like.  The instructor will offer you the controls and let you fly the glider if the conditions are right.  He’ll also teach you about flying a paramotor.  The last few minutes of flight will be focused on setting up a nice landing, probably a few feet away from where you parked.

Post Flight – Time to party, what a great adventure you just experienced.  Don’t forget the sd chip if you purchased the GoPro package.  Get some pictures with your instructor and take a few minutes to revel in the recent experience.

The fine print

Gift certificates are not refundable, but they are transferable.  So if something happens that prevents you from enjoying your flight, just give it to some other lucky soul.  Please reschedule appointments that you cannot keep.  Try to schedule the appointments 48 hours in advance.  If we have a big group we need to bring instructors from our other flying sites in San Diego.  Finally, we really appreciate a good review on social media… if you had a good time let your friends know.

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